Case study

Subscription services are a great way to improve our quality of life. Subscriptions can entertain, educate and bring more of the things we love into our homes. That’s why 25% of UK adults are planning to subscribe to more services than they have done in the past five years from movies to music, fashion, food and drink and more.

Feebuster reduces the costs of the services you already use and helps you discover new subscriptions that you will love at the lowest possible prices.

  • How many subscriptions do you have?
  • How many services are you paying for that you don’t need any longer?
  • How many times have your let subscriptions renewed themselves without checking what promotional offers or free gifts are available?

Subscription fees debit your account without you even noticing, but they add up. Download the Feebuster app – it’s free. Here’s what it does:

  • Checks your bank and credit card statements for recurring bills
  • Categorises all your recurring spends 
  • Shows when subscriptions expire and the best renewal deals 

Feebuster enables you to:

  • Easily see duplicated services
  • Cancel unwanted subscriptions with one click
  • Choose the best promotional deals on the subscriptions you want to continue
  • Enjoy more subscriptions for less money

1. Too busy to get organised!

My girlfriend moved into my flat six months ago. We love movies and like to think we don’t waste money. But we are busy people and there aren’t enough hours in the day to be as organised as we’d like.

We downloaded Feebuster and discovered that:

  • Jane was still paying her TV license for her old flat even though I already had one
  • We were both paying for the same movie streaming services each month so I was able to instantly cancel my subscription with one click
  • Because of our interest in movies, Feebuster found us a half-price film magazine subscription which we both really enjoy

2. Reduce my fees but not my treats

I recently had a baby so need to be strict with my monthly budget so I can afford the essentials. Being a Mum can be tough so I look for ways to make life easier and I still like to treat myself occasionally.

Here’s what Feebuster did for me:

  • Categorised all my recurring spending so it was easy to see where I could cut out non-essential subscriptions with one click on the app
  • Suggested new subscription services that would make my life easier such as regular deliveries of bulky items such as nappies and milk products  
  • Found great deals on my favorite subscriptions so I could carry on enjoying those at a lower cost and within my budget!

3. Work hard and play hard

I’m a young professional who works hard and rewards myself by indulging in my passions.  I love to cook, enjoy the arts and have the ambition to retire to a cottage in France one day.

Here’s what Feebuster did for me:

  • Showed that I was paying for subscriptions relating to hobbies I’d lost interest in like my online guitar tutorial!
  • Extended the subscriptions I enjoy the most at a discounted rate including a free gift that I would not have received with auto renewal
  • Feebuster’s AI technology got to know my interests and suggested new subscription services including an online language course and a food delivery service for people who love French cuisine.