Our mission is to enable you control over subscriptions

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As a team behind Feebuster we want to empower you to give you full control over your subscriptions. Find out more about our mission and tell us what you think.

Subscriptions are growing fast

It is not rocket science to observe that our daily lives are increasingly influenced by the subscription economy. Our ways of consuming and shopping are changing, thanks to subscription services that can pretty much give you access to anything one can desire. It is all about convenience.

Instead of doing one time payments for products, it is now possible to bundle frequent buys and get those shipped on a weekly or monthly basis. It has a clear benefit for everyone – the customer saves time and effort, and the merchant secures repeat customs. 

Supermarkets, beauty shops, entertainment services and even car manufacturers are offering attractive subscriptions to their customers. So far this new business model appears to be a win-win situation between merchants and buyers. Suppliers secure a more stable source of income and buyers receive a good quality service without thinking about it.

Why worrying about it?

If it’s all seamless and convenient for both parties, then there should be nothing to worry about. And that is almost correct. However, increased subscriptions can leave consumers behind when it comes to staying on top of their spending.

Different timings of transactions, small amounts and the sheer number of payments can easily become a headache to manage. Checking spend in last 30-60-90 days requires pen, paper and time. This is not something that we are used to doing nowadays.

We focus on one objective

At Feebuster our team recognizes the issues of the subscription economy. Therefore we decided to focus on one objective – to give you control over your subscriptions. We acknowledge that subscriptions are a great opportunity to improve the quality of our daily lives but we also see the potential downside.

Feebuster offers a framework to keep subscription spend under your control. We are creating an easy to use a mobile application. It will show how much you spend and let you unsubscribe with one click from services that you no longer need. Powered by back-end prepaid cards you won’t worry about spending too much. We will take care of it for you.

Next steps – testing our product and spreading the word

Feebuster has a small team of four working on product development and marketing. We believe that this application can help you save money and make your life a little bit easier. You will never be left with unwanted subscriptions. What’s more, we will also provide alternatives that have better value. We will be the comparethemarket.com for the subscription economy.

Every great product is determined by its users and their reviews. Hence we are asking you for your help. Signup and let us know what we can do better. Your feedback matters.

Join us on -> https://beta.feebuster.co/

Posted: May 16, 2018